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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Central to what we do at The Regent Secondary School is the belief that each of our students should feel valued and individually listened to if they are to thrive and mature. A carefully integrated (and continually revised) system of pastoral care has created a very strong team of staff, each with the responsibility of looking after the welfare of a small allocated group of students.

Form Tutors are the ‘front line’ of the team and meet their students daily. They are the first point of contact for any problems or concerns with your child. Each tutor and student is also a member of one of the four school houses. These houses are led by an experienced team of House Leaders who are the next line of communication for tutors and parents. There is also a Vice Principal Pastoral who is responsible for the pastoral care and welfare of all students during the school day. Boarders have their own dedicated team who look after them between the hours of 5:00.p.m and 800.a.m and over the weekend.

We like to promote a relaxed atmosphere between staff and students in the school but it is at the sP1010147 (300 x 400)ame time our expectation that students maintain high standards of respect and courtesy. Lapses in behaviour are responded to with an escalating range of sanctions and parents will be contacted when a student is unable or unwilling to meet the high standards expected. Full details are available in the TRSS ‘Student Code of Conduct’ and the school’s ‘Rewards and Sanctions Policy’. The Regent Secondary School does not sanction corporal punishment of any kind and it is not used at the school.

Parents receive three reports each year, normally sent at the end of each term, these include both pastoral and academic comments. There are Parent/Teacher Conferences after each report and parents are welcome to come and talk to your child’s teachers and tutors. By prior arrangement any parent can set up an appointment with individual teachers if they are concerned about the pastoral or academic development of their child.