Lower Primary

Welcome to Lower Primary. Lower Primary in The Regent School comprises of Years 1,2 (Key Stage 1 ) and 3 (Beginning of Key stage 2) and we follow the National Curriculum of England. In Lower Primary we will be developing not only children’s learning skills, but their inter personal skills. It is recognised that children learn most effectively through hands-on activities and such learning opportunities are provided in subjects across the curriculum. As well as being taught to apply practical skills, children are encouraged to think for themselves, solve problems through discussion and explain how they reach conclusions, whether this is in numeracy, history or science. Educational visits are usually linked to topics and are encouraged at least termly, taking full advantage of all that Abuja and the surrounding area has to offer.

In Year 1 we are committed to continuing to provide a high quality learning environment that reflects children’s Reception experience but allows further challenge and a change in line with the KS1 curriculum which differs from the EYFS curriculum that your child would have followed in Reception. This approach means that all our children remain engaged and delighted to come to school to learn and outcomes for children are excellent. Independent learning is complimented by effective teacher group focus tasks. There are also separate differentiated Phonics, teacher directed times daily. In addition other subject areas are taught across the week, including Guided reading, SPAG (Spelling and grammar), Comprehension and Humanities (Geography and History). Alongside the specialist subjects; Art, P.E French, ICT and Library time.

In Year 2 a careful transition is made to more formal and structured learning style although as much as possible an integrated approach to teaching knowledge and skills is still adopted. Children are ready to concentrate for slightly longer periods of quiet or silent working time but again this is balanced with active, social learning so that high academic outcomes are achieved from motivated and enthusiastic children.

Year 3 is the beginning of Key Stage Two. This is a transitional stage for the children where we aim to build on our pupil’s skills from Key Stage One and establish a growing level of initiative, creativity and independence so that when they leave Lower primary they are fully prepared for the challenges of Upper primary. In Year 3 there is an emphasis on pupils developing their key skills in numeracy and literacy. Such key skills include joined handwriting, a secure knowledge of phonics and spelling patters, instant recall of multiplication facts and a full understanding of place value in large numbers.
With these skills in place children are ready to apply their knowledge in more challenging learning situations.
The Lower Primary department offers a happy, friendly and safe environment where children are confident and enjoy learning 