About Us

Aims and Ethos

The Regent School aims to provide a structured, purposeful and caring learning environment for all its pupils, within which each girl or boy can feel confident to explore, develop and realise his or her full potential, helped and encouraged by teachers who are expert practitioners of their craft and fully committed to meeting the needs of the children in their care.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Provide a caring and stimulating environment, which is safe and welcoming to all
  • Provide a pleasant and challenging environment
  • Nurture self-esteem in all and so develop confidence and self-discipline
  • Value each child as a person and help them to value and respect others
  • Promote honesty, tolerance, cooperation and trust amongst adults and children, regardless of race, gender or culture.


Some signs that we are meeting our aims are:

  • Children who are happy, open and sociable
  • Children who tell the truth and take responsibility for their actions
  • Children who are comfortable with adults and fellow pupils.
  • Children who are willing to “have a go”, to use their initiative and who are not afraid to make mistakes.
  • Children who look after themselves, others and their surroundings, both in and out of school.


Our Educational Aims are to:

  • Deliver a child-centred curriculum, which provides breadth, balance, relevance and progression
  • Have high expectations for our children
  • Build upon what each child knows and can do
  • Develop the highest possible standards of Literacy, Numeracy and Investigative skills in each student
  • Develop children as independent and life-long learners who can respond to the challenges of a fast changing world
  • Move every child forward in small achievable steps, and recognize that assessment and target-setting are essential to this process
  • Provide equal opportunities for all children
  • Develop children’s creativity and aesthetic appreciation
  • Encourage children to care for their bodies through a personal, social and health education programme
  • Promote an interest in and awareness of cultural diversity
  • Work in partnership with parents for the good of each child
  • Become involved with and involve the local community in the work of The School.



The Regent School is entirely a secular foundation. The children learn about the various world religions in their PSHE lessons, but religious education is not taught as a separate subject and all assemblies are free of any form of religious content.



Assembly is an important part of school life and is taken seriously at The Regent School. The children have assemblies on a weekly basis.

The programme includes Class Assemblies, which are given by the pupils themselves.